Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Three Main Benefits of Crown Lengthening

You may have never heard of crown lengthening, but it is a dental procedure that can dramatically improve your smile. It is a process that removes portions of gum tissue or bone in order to expose more of your tooth surface. There are two basic ways your periodontist might use crown lengthening: to access a tooth that is broken or decayed beneath the gum line or to fix a gummy smile in Lafayette, LA.

Main Advantages of Crown Lengthening

1.       Get a beautiful smile. For those who have an excessive amount of gum tissue covering their teeth, it can make teeth look too short or small. Crown lengthening can provide a balanced, brilliant smile. To correct a gummy smile, a periodontist will remove the excess tissue surgically or with a laser, in order to uncover more of the tooth surface. Once this is accomplished, the gum line will be contoured to properly frame the teeth.

2.       Restore the health of your smile. When teeth are badly damaged or decayed, a restorative crown can allow you to regain your ability to chew again and also eliminate tooth pain caused by cavities. When the tooth is affected beneath the gum line, crown lengthening is performed in order to gain access to the portion covered by gum tissue and bone.

3.       Improve your self-confidence. Crown lengthening procedures can help you look and feel better. Whether you have had functional lengthening for a restoration or aesthetic lengthening to fix a gummy smile in Lafayette, LA, your teeth and gums should be healthier and more beautiful after, improving not only your smile but your self-esteem, too.

For more information about crown lengthening procedures, contact our office today. Schedule a consultation with our experienced periodontist, Dr. James M. Finley, and discover whether you are a good candidate for this transformative treatment.

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