Oral DNA® testing allows us to know exactly what kinds of bacteria are present in the mouths of our patients. It also allows us to understand how susceptible each patient may be to gum disease and damage from inflammation.. This knowledge helps us to treat the mouth before certain types of bacteria are able to cause serious, permanent damage. Today, we know that gum infections, and the associated inflammation, greatly increases the risk of severe medical problems such as heart attack and stroke. The knowledge obtained through OralDNA testing can help identify which patients are at the most risk so proper medical coordination can also be recommended.

Certain types of bacteria are dangerous and destructive and, without treatment, can cause severe periodontal disease. And, in many cases, these bacteria are present in the mouths of patients who cannot seem to get rid of their chronic gum disease. With Oral DNA® we are now able to identify these harmful bacteria and treat the whole mouth using specific antibiotic treatment in conjunction with traditional techniques.

Oral DNA® testing is simple and easy. A gentle oral rinse procedure is performed by swishing a small amount of sterile solution throughout the mouth. The entire process takes about 30 seconds and is then sent to Oral DNA® Labs for testing. The lab report we receive back identifies the bacteria found in the mouth and the quantities in which they are found. This allows us to develop a more powerful and effective treatment plan that is designed specifically for your mouth!

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