I had some severe issues, or severe to me anyway. Dr. Finley discussed what the process would be. Made me feel comfortable. First step would be for deep scaling/cleaning. His hygienists, Kylie, is an absolute angel from the gods. I have never had someone administer a shot to numb my mouth with absolutely no pain. She did phenomenal work. I would recommend Finley Periodontics to anyone.

- Gordon S.

Everyone was awesome. Very friendly staff and Dr. Finley was great. Highly recommend :)

- Kyle T.

Excellent service from Dr. Finley and his staff!

- Ingrid J.

"I just wanted to thank you for making my mom smile again! Her teeth look amazing!!!! You have no idea how much you have changed her inside and out! Thank u thank u thank u!!!"

- H.H

"It's always uncomfortable having to sit through a dental procedure when they use really cold or hot water to rinse your teeth, but they didn't do that here. They made sure that I was comfortable with the water's temperature. The restrooms at this office were spotless. It smelled amazing in there and looked immaculate. I didn't wait long at all. My appointment started on time, and the wait was much shorter than other offices I have been to. There was lots of available parking at their office. I was glad that I didn't have to drive around looking for parking."

"Dr Finley's expertise and surgical skills are exemplary. His dedication to my needs went beyond the call of duty. He and his staff's dedication to their respective jobs and the courteousness and friendliness they displayed towards me was outstanding. I highly recommend him for periodontal problems. "

"The doctor and his staff is so caring and helpful they made me feel very comfortable and took really good care of me and made me feel at ease because i was so nervous. They helped me calm down and answered all my questions. I would recommend everyone that needs periodontal treatment or implants to him anytime.They took care of me before my treatment and after. Dr. Finley even called me personally to see how I was doing after my surgery.I have never had anyone do that for me. "

"There is nothing you can do better! Always excellent treatment! I absolutely recommend them!"

- Pitt H.

"I was fearful of the pain I was going to experience because of the large infection. I had NO pain afterward! It was amazing. I literally took zero pain pills! Don't ever change. I am thrilled with everything"

- Sheryl B.

"I can highly recommend the staff and office of Dr. Finley. Everyone spent quality time with me throughout and made the entire process very easy. They really rate a 10 out of 10 for me. Thanks!"

- Carolyn P.

"Dr. Finley is a perfectionist and his staff mirrors his dedication. I could not be happier. My procedure was complex and yet virtually pain free. I am so happy. You guys are excellent! I have already recommended you to several friends."

- Janelle P.

"Having experienced gum recession several years ago, Corrective action was taken via the tissue grafting/suture procedure. The post -op pain was very unpleasant. Recently I had additional gum recession which needed to be resolved. Dr. Finley performed the "Pinhole" procedure in the affected areas. The post-op pain was soo much less than the aforementioned process, and I experienced very little sensation to hot or cold ingestions. Pain medication consisted Tylenol only for 2 days. I am sooo satisfied."

- Edsel R.

"Thank you all for the wonderful care I was given during my entire surgical ordeal. Your expertise and professionalism was recognized and greatly appreciated. I could not be more pleased with the results."

- Carolyn T.

"I really appreciate the kindness and professionalism of you and all of your staff. I am very fortunate to have such a great team."

- Brianne P.

"You are so good to the people in your care and so considerate. It's easy to see that it comes straight from the heart and you make this a nicer world to live in.
It is just so special to know you and your staffs are always trying to make things bright and beautiful and you are so caring of others.
I really hope that all your days are as beautiful and bright, as the ones you inspire in others people's lives."

- Bea T.

Robert's Story

Robert came to me with a failing bridge in his upper anterior. He works as a professional pilot and meets clients regularly. He was concerned about both having teeth as well as having a good looking smile. Robert probably says it best in a letter he wrote me:

"I am writing to tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the work that you and your staff have performed for me. I had injuries from an auto accident 35 yrs ago and have had several bridges and crowns and quite a lot of dental work performed over the years.

I was impressed at once with the professionalism shown during my first consultation. My questions were answered and options discussed thoroughly. The other thing that struck me was the high level of technology available in your office. I was convinced quickly that I had found the "right man for the job".

I had several implants and a couple of extractions during my first procedure in your office. A few days after, when the swelling started to go down, I noticed the difference that your suggested bone grafts and tissue grafts had made to the way I look. Now I can look in the mirror with confidence.

It is one thing to have a good staff, and the latest equipment, but it is rare indeed to find someone like yourself that is also a facial artist."

- Robert V.

"I just wanted to take a minute to write and say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my soft tissue graft and helping me to save my tooth. You took the time to explain the procedure and worked with me to get the process completed with minimal downtime from work. You are very knowledgeable and offer a very professional setting with a warming charm, not to mention your humor was greatly appreciated and took the edge off of me as a first time patient. It was so nice of you to call and check on me over the weekend to make sure I was feeling okay. Please continue doing what you do and how you do it. If I ever need services again in the future, I will be calling you!"

- Cindy M.

"If you are like me and have neglected your dental health due to taking care of your children's teeth as they grew up (and an overwhelming fear of dentists), look no further than Finley Periodontics. Dr. Finley and his staff are extremely kind. You will never feel judged by the condition of your teeth and gums.

When my journey into improving my dental health began, my blood pressure would sky rocket every time I sat in the dentist chair. Because of the kindness and genuine care from Dr. Finley and his staff, I could probably take a nap in the chair now. After countless hours in that chair, I can NOT smile enough. I am very proud of the success and look forward to continued maintenance. As for pain, it was minimal and very easily managed. Don't put off your dental health any longer...visit Finley Periodontics today!"

- Libbie.

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