Inflammation is the enemy. You must gain control, then maintain control. There is no curing gum disease. A team effort, by doctor and patient, is essential to improved health and saving teeth"

Osseous Surgery (Traditional gum surgery) in Lafayette, LA

Osseous surgery, or flap surgery, is usually performed to gain access to gum infection pockets around a tooth (or teeth) that have not responded to or are unreachable by more conservative treatments. The procedure is performed to gain maximum access to the infection area so a clean environment can be created around the tooth in an attempt to save the tooth (or teeth).

Osseous surgery is generally tried only after other treatments have been explored and have not obtained adequate control of the disease.

The Procedure

Before beginning the procedure, the area will be numbed using a local anesthesia. If you are anxious about treatment or have medical problems your doctor may also suggest a form of sedation, if necessary. Once you are comfortable an incision is made in the gum tissue around the area that will be treated. The gum is then lifted away from the tooth and the underlying bone so that there is direct access to the area. The surface of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned of any plaque and tartar buildup.

After the procedure, you may be prescribed an antibiotic, mouth rinses, and pain medication. Stitches will be removed in 6-10 days unless dissolving stitches are used. About 2 weeks after surgery, an appointment should be scheduled to check on the healing of the area. Because some gum tissue is trimmed during the procedure, the tooth may appear longer in the mouth. This may cause increased sensitivity to hot or cold. The sensitivity usually reduces over several weeks. You may also notice larger gaps between your teeth. These are a result of the disease and have been opened to provide better access for home care so the results of treatment can be maintained

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